Faculty who left or joined institution

Faculty who joined or left

The college adopts fair and transparent mechanism in all its functioning and displays all required information too

Faculty Relieved in Last Quarter
Name of the Faculty Date of Relieving Reason
Ms.Sangeeta Kaushik 07-Feb- 2024 Resign
Dr. Mubeen Zehra 20-Dec- 2023 Resign
Dr. Tarique Anwar 02-Jun- 2023 Resign
Ms. Shweta 28-Feb-2023 Resign

Faculty Joined in Last Quarter
Name of the Faculty Designation Date of Joining
Dr.Parul Maheshwari Associate Professor 01-Jan-2024
Ms.Megha Singh Rathore Asst. Professor 01-Jan-2024
Ms.Bilquish Asst. Professor 01-Jan-2024

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