Art & Craft Resource Centre

Art and Craft Resource Centre

The art room is an essential component of the art curriculum, where students learn and experiment with different art forms, techniques, and materials. It provides students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively, explore their imagination, develop their aesthetic sense and improve their fine motor skills. Therefore, with an aim of enhancing the create expressions of prospective teachers, IVS facilitate them in various ways. Well- equipped Art and Craft Resource Centre is one of such learning resource centre where all possible endeavors are made to develop aesthetic and artistic skills among future teachers.

The room is typically used by students, teachers, artists and experts in exploring their creativity and expressing themselves through various forms of art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and ceramics. The main motive of room is to impart, enhance and develop the skills among students and fostering the creativity of each pupil teacher. Various activities like exhibition, competition, participation in different art based events are organized here and students learn to utilize the resources at their best. Overall, the art room is a vital resource for those looking to explore and develop their artistic talents. It fosters creativity, imagination, self-expression, and serves as a platform for showcasing artwork to others.


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