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Science Resource Centre

Science is that human endeavor that seeks to describe with even increasing accuracy, the events and circumstances which occur or exist within our natural environment. -Albert Einstein

Objectives of Science Resource Centre
1. To enhance the understanding of scientific theories.
2. To develop scientific reasoning.
3. To familiarize students with experimental apparatus and the scientific methods.
4. To teach students to work as a team and learn how to effectively collaborate.
5. To develop a better understanding of the nature of science.
6. Gain hands on experience and develop practical skills and knowledge.
7. Understand the importance of empirical work to support and explain scientific theories.
8. To teach how to make careful experimental observations and how to collect accurate and precise data.
9. Cultivate an interest in science by engaging students in scientific process. This motivates them to enjoy and seek out learning science.

All of us are aware that practical classes are an essential part of the learning process. Science lab is a place where students get hands on experience by performing various experiments. A well-equipped laboratory can help learners to develop critical thinking and problem-solving ability. It also enhances broad understanding of scientific concepts.

Institute of Vocational Studies’ Science lab is fully equipped with models and biology specimens, slides, different types of microscopes, beakers, test tubes, funnels, lab burners, conical flasks, burettes and pipettes, rubber corks, measuring cylinders, wire gauge, spirit lamp, petri dish, charts, lab stands, needle, forceps, magnifying glass, various chemicals & reagents, PH papers, gas jars, Daniel cell, spatula, magnetic compass, mirror holder, spring balances and bar magnets. Having all these equipments enable our students to teach at secondary and senior secondary levels. So, students are encouraged to take the advantage of the lab and try to get first- hand experience under the guidance of experienced science educators.

Science Lab
Science Lab
Science Lab

Mathematics Resource Centre

The mathematics Resource Centre is a place where students can experiment and explore innovative ideas. It is a place where students can do several activities like puzzles, games, etc. These games and activities enhance the mental and cognitive skills. It’s a brainstorming place. Students learn under the supervision of experienced teachers.

Institute of Vocational Studies’ mathematics labs is well equipped and well maintained. It includes the following equipments:
1. Primary mathematics lab kit
2. Secondary mathematics lab kit
3. Algebraic identity kit
4. Magnetic fraction disk
5. Decimal plates geo board
6. Kit for parallelogram
7. Set of cubes for algebraic identity
8. Game of place value
9. Different charts and models

These materials and mathematical models help students to learn in a meaningful way. Pupils and teachers must get experience of these labs.
Objectives of Maths Lab: 1. To bridge the gap between theory and practice of mathematics education.
2. To define and develop the concept of mathematics lab in a broader sense based on the education theories like constructivism, activity-based learning and treating mathematics as an empirical science.
3. It provides students divergent thinking.
4. It develops a sense of enquiry.
5. It develops an interest in the subject.
6. To comprehend and internalize mathematical knowledge.
7. It provides facilities of practicing cognitive and psychomotor skills.
8. It provides an opportunity to familiarize and understand basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects.
9. It inculcates reasoning abilities among the students.

Science Lab
Science Lab
Science Lab

Psychology Resource Centre

"Educational psychology describes and explains the learning experiences of an individual from birth through old age. This way, educational psychology is the psychology of learning, towards which the educational psychologists have contributed by makng intensive studies of the facror and conditions determinant of learning." -Crow and Crow

A teacher must know about child psychology and educational psychology, so that the teacher will be able to understand the needs of the learners. Psychological theories help a pupil teacher to deal with learners in a smooth way so they can handle various situations and create good learning environment.

Objectives of the Psychology Resource Centre

The objectives of the Psychology Resource Centre are to develop the skills for administering and interpreting various tests. It also acquaints the prospective teachers with various tools for measuring different dimensions of performance like achievement, intelligence, attitude, aptitude, interest, motivation, and personality.
Psychology lab is equipped with psychological texts (verbal and nonverbal performance test) personality inventory, projective techniques, memory drum test, maize learning experiment, social intelligence scale, and emotional intelligence scale. We also have psychological instruments, learning and memory equipments. The main purpose for establishing psychology lab is to create an environment where all students can perform some research and several types of psychological tests. These labs help the pupil teacher to understand and conduct such experiments.

Science Lab

ICT Resource Centre

“Access to computers and the internet has become a basic need for education in our society.” – Kent Conrad.

It’s not superficial to assume computers as the life line of current education system. To be updated, Institute of Vocational Studies has a well-furnished Computer Lab with all the latest Computer software that caters to the needs of the students. The college has always focused on providing the best technology to all the students and teaching staff. All the computers in the lab have internet connectivity, conferencing facility, multimedia, LCD projector, overhead projector along with Wi-Fi connectivity to train the students systematically with all the latest technologies. This will help them to become a technosavvy teacher. It is used for teaching practical training to the students and preparing them to use this experience in class room. It provides the teachers and learners with non-print material, slide shots, power point presentation, etc. The Lab has a rich source of CDs and slides and are also available on different teaching subject which are used by the teacher trainees during their micro and macro teaching. It is also equipped with the latest model of projector.

Science Lab

Social Science Resource Centre

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” – Michael Crichton

The college has a well-equipped social science room cum laboratory. Our college provides social studies room for best teaching learning practises. It has fully equipped modern teaching aids which provides a pleasant teaching learning environment. Social Science lab provides a platform for students to share their presentations. Some of the teaching concepts, where imagination is difficult, are taught with the help of models. College makes available models on various topics such as the Solar system, land forms, drainage pattern, rotation and revolution of the earth etc.The enduring display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts are used as reference material by the faculty as well as the pupil teacher. It also includes:
• Globes
• Maps
• Projector
• Working and non-working 3D Models
• Historical and political maps of various places showing their civilizations
• Geographical and political charts, 2D and 3D models.
• Models made by students during exhibitions.

Science Lab

Language Lab

The language laboratory is having an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. It provides the environment to enhance the learner’s language skills. The Software helps in learning language and its four skills; namely- listening, speaking, reading and writing. Language lab makes learning process highly effective and interesting. It helps in improving communication skills, gain command over the language and gain confidence. It enables students to overcome the linguistic challenges. The lab is well equipped with hardware and software such as, study materials, head phones, educational CDs and computer for language learning. All these facilities are available in the college lab to facilitate the teaching and learning of language.

Science Lab

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