Programme Learning Outcomes Of B.Ed.

Programme Learning Outcomes of B.Ed.

Institute of Vocational Studies (IVS)

Programme Learning Outcomes are the guidelines which describe what students will learn, what skills they will develop, what experiences they will have or likely have as a result of completing the requirements for the degree programme.


This bachelor of education course will enable pupil teachers in the following ways:

  • To develop professional competency as suggested by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).
  • To aid in the development of overall personality.
  • To make themselves critically understand the curriculum and appropriate selection of teaching techniques in accordance with learners’ needs.
  • To attain skills to compete at the international level with the use of multidisciplinary advanced knowledge.
  • To be aware of positive usages of self-directed learning for personal and professional growth with innovative ideas.
  • To engage themselves in advanced teaching skills and methodology for a joyful teaching-learning process.
  • To expand their level of knowledge by integrating technology in the process of curriculum transaction.
  • To empower themselves with current subject knowledge and relevant pedagogy.
  • To develop the ability to use the best available resources for the inclusive classroom.
  • To help in developing competency to make relations with theory and practice of teaching subjects.
  • To attain different life skills to survive dignified life in the present society.
  • To inculcate democratic and cultural values and promoting excellence in quality education.

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